Project Description
Just some common utilities I've developed over the years that are shared among my various projects.


There are numerous methods in a number of classes that have made my development tasks easier when working with .NET projects. I'm making the code available here in case anyone finds it useful. The documentation is included in the source for the most part. These libraries are continually updated as needed for my various projects, and are subject to change as required.

Because the source supports various .NET versions (officially .NET 3.5 and up), binaries will not be provided at this time. However, you simply need to select your .NET version and compile the code. Preprocessor directives are included to make code compatible as needed. When a .NET version is selected, defines exist to reflect it (such as V1_1, V2, V3, V3_5, V4, and V4_5). The most noticeable differences are that optional parameters and dynamic objects are only supported in .NET 4.0 and higher.

The source is in C#.NET and should be easy to compile (very little dependency on anything else).

Basic Highlights
  • Utility classes with miscellaneous methods to help with exceptions, objects, strings, arrays, collections, types, timing, SQL via SMO, and more.
  • Various extension method classes.
  • Silverlight controls, such as BingMap, GoogleMap, RichTextEditor, etc.
  • Some miscellaneous WPF specific utilities.
  • And much more...

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